Nature Studies Volume 3




Volume 3 of Nature Studies Journal is now available at the link above. This volume includes work by artists Christopher Russell, David Helwer aka theguyinthelibrary, Lisette Soini, and Sarah Valeri, poet Emily Linstrom, dancer and philosopher Sharon Mansur, writer J. Anthony Roman, architect and visual artist Shahira Hammad, and conversations with public artist, Isabelle Garbani and the creators of Perçeph Studios.

Please visit when you have time to look around. Many thanks to everyone who contributed.


Nature Studies Journal in Effect

Nature Studies Journal is now live. Artists and art therapists, poets and students come together to discover our how spirits travel through the minutiae of our neurons and slag through the mud. We seek contagions of inspiration.

Our first issue includes oil paintings by Robert Zurer, poetry by Emily Linstrom and a Q and A on her project Gilda’s Girls. Poetry by Amy Leon, essays on art therapy and the creative process by Susanne Oellinger, Sarah Valeri, Kristin Gahlbeck just to name a few.

This is our first issue and we are learning the way, but our hope is to be a multilingual connector between those who seek openness and transformation through art.

Many thanks,






One of these is the moon and we don’t know which

oneoftheseisthemoonOne of these is the moon and we don’t know which, c. 2016, oil on canvas, 48″ x 57″


New website

I’ve just put together a summary of sorts of paintings and drawings on a new website. New works will be posted there at

And in the meantime I’ll be  drawing with the music of many talented musicians at the OXFAM JAM at The Knitting Factory on March 7. Proceeds will support OXFAM in fighting poverty and hunger around the world.






IMG_20160208_170945-2Litwreck, c. 2016. oil on canvas, 24″ x 24″

Always rebuilding home.




Mein erstes Gedicht Deutsch


Mein Liebe Früchte dich nicht

Ich bin Stahl

Dann bin Ich nicht

Meine Machine ist Blätter jetzt

Und öffnen

Aber Ich werde dich finden


Ich die Luft vertrauen

das Land ist weg










Abandon c.2016. Oil on canvas, 24″ x 24″

A good storm means quiet. Coming home. Though this reminds me of surprise at coming apart.



For now Ill let this mystery carry me and won’t ask why


I’ve already forgotten what I called this, and it’s just at the top of the page. Fitting I suppose..

c. 2015. Oil on canvas, 48″ x 60″


Opening November 8 at Nothaft und Seidel, Berlin


And so soon, all the marks and gestures will speak for themselves without all of this troubling explaining. After which I will surely retire for quiet painting for quite awhile. But please do come, Stefi and I are looking forward to welcoming everyone who has helped us along the way, in person or in spirit.

November 8, 2 pm, Nothaft und Seidel, Schonhauser Alle 43A, Berlin

We will be lucky enough to have Maura Souloud performing. Works will be up through December.


Colorform at the Gramercy 10/22


Drawing from the Colorform show at the Gramercy. Thank you to everyone who was there to enjoy this show with us! And to the staff for taking the extra time to create a lit and sheltered drawing space in the crowd.

Link to Fight/Flight, Colorform’s latest LP.